S.C CONTED S.A has as main activity object the production of textile garments and their trade. This company was established on the 1st December 1963, starting with one garments department, and then, since 1967, it is a republican company with legal personality.

S.C CONTED S.A has its headquarters in Dorohoi municipality, str. 1 Decembrie nr. 8, Botoșani county and is registered within the Trade Registry of Botoșani under no. J07/107/1991, having the VAT number: RO622445. The company was transformed by reorganization under the Law no. 15/1990, according to the Government Decision no. 1250/1990.

S.C CONTED S.A is a company with a continuous production activity, where a number of 563 employees are currently working. Before the company’s reorganization, the unity used to produce garments that were traded according to the CAER conditions, mostly on the eastern market. After its reorganization, the company searched for sale markets, and by its own efforts traded and is still trading its products at a rate of 80 – 90% on the markets of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and UK.

The company is specialized in the production of high quality textile garments for men, women and children: men suits, men jackets, men trousers, men coats, women coats, women skirts, women trousers, women jackets, women suits, military uniforms, children jackets, children coats.

We mainly produce textile garments according to the lohn CM system (cut and make) but we also can produce textile garments with our own fabric (imported from France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, etc.) and auxiliary products as the client wishes, according to the CMT system (cut-make-trim). We provide the possibility to develop the models.

Main clients:


You can rely on the collaboration with a reliable, efficient, competent partner with an extensive experience in carrying out business activities under the requirements imposed by the foreign market. The monthly output capacity is around 18.000 jackets and 12.000 trousers. Organization system: We have jackets specialized lines and trousers specialized lines.

The staff is working in only one shift. The quality is a permanent concern during the production process, starting with the fabric control, continuing with the cutting departments, production departments and finishing by the final ironing department. We are in the possession of a ISO 9001 / RS 8000 certificate.

S.C CONTED S.A, having a private capital, its management and administration are provided according to the Articles of association and the Romanian laws, by a corporate board made of three members, the chairman of this body being Eng. Manole Popa. The technological lines and equipment are imported from the West and they were among the most efficient at the time of their purchase.

During the past few years, CONTED has made investments in high performance equipment for the upgrading of the cutting department and complete computerization of the production process. Thus, the company currently has special equipment by which almost all the stiches required on the market can be performed:

  • AMF stitch;
  • Columbia stitch;
  • All the types of buttonholes etc.

The company has a range of equipment specific to the garments industry, performing the operations leading to the completion of the finished product:

  • computer assisted programming – Gerber Accumark;
  • semi-automatic table to prepare the cutting – Kuris;
  • automatic cutter – Gerber Cutter;
  • manufacture of cutted pieces – Pfaff, Durkopp, Juki, Brother;
  • for ironing – Hofmann press, Brisay press.

Featuring the latest technology and a well-trained staff with extensive experience in the field, CONTED can perform the entire range of models requested by the clients, being able to process various types of fabric.

The technical department activity is carried out within two design offices: technical and technological. The technical documentation is made by highly qualified staff providing the execution or processing of the patterns, gradation and the exact determination of the material consumption. The Gerber equipment (graphic stations, plotters, digitizing boards) provides the material basis of these activities.

The technological phase implies the performance of technological processes, studying the zero series and implementation within the production of all information by the highly qualified staff.

All the stages involved within the output flow are:

  • Warehouse of raw materials and trimmings;
  • Cutting department;
  • Assembly lines;
  • Finishing lines;
  • Warehouse of finished products.